Sunday, 22 February 2015

Some facts and figures you may not know about the development and concept of City Park

Some facts and figures you may not know about the development and concept of City Park:
  • City Park contains the largest city centre water feature in the UK
  • The Mirror Pool measures 76m by 58m or 3648 square meters      
  • The pool contains 600 cubic metres of water and over 100 fountains. 
  • The central fountain can reach over 30m high making it the tallest in any UK city.
  • The water in the Mirror Pool is very shallow, up to a maximum of only 220mm. 
  • The fountains have an elaborate series of pre-set programmes which can change depending on the day, the weather and local events.
  • City Park incorporates a water treatment works, allowing the water to be re-circulated as well as a borehole and a rainwater capture system which can supplement the water supply
  • City Park's lighting installation is managed via a central lighting control system, which responds to both the rising and falling water levels and artistic requirements.
  • City Park stems from Will Alsop's masterplan which was drawn up in 2003 and introduced the idea of opening up the city centre and creating a new public space.  It centres on the Victorian City Hall and helps to set Bradford apart from other cities. Its design is based on three ideas:

  1. Hinterland, referencing the City's surrounding hills, countryside, towns and villages which all look inwards to the City while the City looks out
  2. Water, the source of Bradford’s industrial energy
  3. Mirror, an architectural mirror to the city centre, skies and weather. City Park has provided a new "postcard identity".

  • City Park was designed by Gillespies landscape architects and urban designers, Arup, Sturgeon North, Atoll and The Fountain Workshop


  1. I love City Park. And postcards day/night scene are always popular when I send them to to Postcrossing members.

  2. Good on ya Wendy! Keep spreading the word!